Wednesday, 11 July 2012

2012 Goals - review

So way back on 6th January, I posted a list of goals for this year. I was wary of being too ambitious or too specific in case of unforseen events (i.e. a return of plantar fasciitis or other injury). As we are now over half way through the year, it seems like a good time to see how those goals are looking so far...

1. P.B. at Half Marathon
Oh yeah baby! Totally nailed this one in March when I improved on my previous time by about 12 minutes - get in!

2. Go under 2 hours at Half Marathon
Oh yeah baby! That PB mentioned above was 1h58m38s, easily under 2 hours and one of my favourite racing experiences ever.

3. Run over 600 miles
Barring huge mishap, I should definitely do this. I set the bar pretty low, as injury only allowed me to run 405 miles in 2011. But touch wood, I've been lucky so far, and by the end of June, had logged 465 miles run. Now of course I'm wondering how close I can get to 1000 miles...

4. Run more races
Yes! Including 3 parkruns, I've run 6 races so far (compared to 4 in total last year). I was wondering about trying to fit in one a month, but I've decided not to overdo it recently, as I felt that I was dragging the family out to wait (often in the rain) while I ran, so I'm giving them a break, at least for this month. I've got a lot I'd like to do over the next 6 months though.

5. Keep up the cross-training
Ah, not great this one. The trouble with the cycling is that whenever I lose a chance to workout (usually due to a school holiday or having to work), it's the cycling that gives way. I've been running so well, that I've been trying to keep that mileage up and dropped the biking. However, I said that I aimed to 'cycle once or twice a week, depending on how much I'm running', and in 26 weeks I've totalled 22 bike rides, so not far off!

6. Do more Pilates and weight-training
A big fat NO! Again, this has lost out to running whenever I have the time, but it's something that I'm intending to address in September, when Emma starts school, and I have a bit more time. Probably. (I might just try and run more...)

7. Keep Plantar Fasciitis at bay
So far so good, through luck rather than judgement, and making sure I do plenty of stretching whenever I can be bothered. Whoop!

Garmin report 1/1/12 - 30/6/12

Those are my running stats up to 30th June. So I'm absolutely delighted with how my running has gone so far this year (and the Garmin's claim that I've supposedly burned over 45,000 calories is a huge bonus!). Fingers crossed that I can keep running at a similar rate for the rest of the year, and I promise I'll try to fit more cross-training in!


  1. Sounds like things are shaping up to be a very successful year!! Hard to do a lot of things when the kiddos are home and need your attention I bet. Sounds like a great plan for Sept! Way to go (again :)) on that huge 1/2 PR!!

  2. I'd still be excited about that half PR too.

  3. Things are going well indeed. I hope you keep that PF at bay for another 6 months and more.