Saturday 8 December 2012

Sneezy, Sleepy and Grumpy.

This has not been a great week of running, for the following reasons:

1. I've been working a lot.

I was asked to teach every morning this week as a teacher was ill with flu. I really enjoyed it, the students were mostly lovely and I could really do with the money, but it took up ALL MY TIME! I've also got some proofreading work to get done this week and next, so that's how I've been spending the evenings. I've done no Christmas shopping, no housework and no exercise this week.

2. I've got an injury.

The last time I ran was Monday evening, and my left leg ached from about my 3rd step. I finally bit the bullet and called a physio, and I've been given a set of stretches to do this week. It's boring stuff, but seems to be helping.

3. I've got a cold.

I suppose it's a good thing in some was to be ill at the same time I'm injured so I can get them both out of the way before running again. But that doesn't stop me from feeling grumpy. I missed a race I wanted to do this morning, as I was lying under the duvet with a runny nose coughing and feeling sorry for myself when I should have been out in the sunshine.

Basically, I'm fed up and grumpy. That is all.


  1. Aw noo, sorry to hear :(
    Hopefully you get a lot of rest this weekend get over the cold. Hope the leg feels much better,too!

  2. I think that being ill and injured all at once is good reason to feel grumpy. I hope you're feeling a lot better soon.

  3. I stayed home yesterday with a cold and was feeling rather sleepy and sneezy myself. Feel better.

  4. Aaw:( That's no fun. I'm in the same boat. I keep getting better and then go for a run or two and then I'm sick again. Here's to everyone getting better real fast!
    My Running Shortz

  5. Nuts! I hope you kick that cold in the tush & get some spare time to enjoy the holidays & holiday exercise.

  6. I always get grumpy when I've got a cold too. It's soo annoying: you're not sick enought to stay in bed, but you're certainly not at 100%.

    I noticed my feed has gone wonky in your blog list. Probably because I moved to Wordpress. My new feed is at

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I hope you are feeling much better by now. It will pass. Take care!