Monday, 22 March 2010

Physio-whizzio let's get busyo

Today I finally had my free appointment with an NHS physiotherapist, only 4 1/2 weeks after I actually needed it! Of course in the meantime, I've been handing over huge wads of cash to see a private physio, because I didn't fancy sitting on the sofa brooding for a month.

I've had this pain in my calf that started as a niggle, but grew to the stage where I was limping whenever I walked anywhere. The private physio has massaged it a lot and given me a set of stretches to do, and it's been much better. However, whenever I do a fast run or a hill session, it comes back with a vengeance.

After yesterday's 14-miler, I felt fine all day, but woke up this morning with a very sore calf and shin. I stuck Emma in the pushchair with a cup of milk and a book ('That's not my kitten' - a favourite) and we went to see physio number 2.

She did all the same sort of tests as private-physio, and concluded that indeed she too doesn't know what it is. Anyway, the muscle was apparently fine, and she thought it could be a nerve, maybe the sciatic nerve (an old nemesis of mine).

I told her I'd been doing a load of stretches (as prescribed by private-physio) - 30 seconds x 5 repetitions a day. But she told me that 'latest research indicates', that I should do 15 seconds x 15 reps 3 times a day! I mean really! 'Sorry there's no dinner today kids, I just didn't have time, what with all the stretching'!

Still, it's nice to have Pete and the kids back home after their weekend away, even though they're all shattered and Emma's full of cold and cough. The kids find my stretches highly amusing, and try to crawl through my legs at all opportunities.

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