Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Shiny New Shoes!

Having spent a load of money on board games recently, Pete said that I should consider spending some money on my obsession too. Not about to miss an opportunity like that, Emma and I dropped Robbie at nursery this monring, and zipped off to Edinburgh. I decided to try Run4It because 1. They do a treadmill gait analysis; and 2. membership of Jog Scotland gets 10% discount!

Anyway, the gait analysis just told me the same as the last one, and something that is obvious to anyone who knows me - I'm completely normal. Bo-ring.

I thought I'd stick with my ASICS, so I've supplemented my current Cumulus 10s with a pair of Nimbus 11s! I mainly chose them because they were the most comfortable, and was only a little bit influenced by the fact that they are silver and purple!! Swoon!

Can't wait to try them, but as rain is forecast for tonight's run, I think I'll keep the old ones on for now. The plan is to use both pairs of shoes in training, then wear the new ones for the marathon itself.

We're supposed to be doing intervals at Jog Scotland tonight, which I usually really enjoy, but I'll still be taking it easy, and seeing how my silly stiff calf gets on. Hmph.

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