Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Weather to run (or not)

Spring has not got off to the best start here in Scotland this year. Despite the clocks going forward last weekend, we were suddenly forecast snow this week. After my bare-armed run in the sun on Saturday, I found this difficult to believe, but sure enough, last night, the snow started falling and it kept coming this morning.

Thank goodness it didn't settle, because running in the snow and ice is not my idea of fun. This winter I had some real problems sliding about on the ice and stomping through the snow. I was always worried about getting injured.

Even on Sunday, the wind really got to me. I just find strong winds make me very angry very quickly. I get all enraged and think 'Aargh, just leave me alone!!!'.

But since I started running more regularly, I've almost learned to love the rain. I still hate going out and walking anywhere in the rain, and I'll always prefer a warm, dry, sunny day, but I've realised that a good run in the rain can be invigorating. On Monday evening I was feeling stressed after a day of bad moods and tantrums from Emma, and Pete was late home, so I didn't get a chance to go out until 8pm, when it was dark and pouring with rain. I was very close to not bothering, but I pulled my baseball cap on and went out for 3 miles. It was great. I got faster and faster, and felt as though I'd pounded away the day's stresses. I came home drenched and cold, but feeling refreshed and alive!

(Having said that I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll stay dry for my Jog Scotland run tonight).

In other news, I picked up Robbie's new bike today. As the snow/rain stopped, we went out for a little ride. He's got stabilisers to keep him balanced, but he's struggling a bit with the pedalling. Every time we got to an uphill slope, I had to give him a push, or drag him up the hill. I suppose he needs to get his little legs used to pushing those pedals round, and hopefully he'll be able to cycle around the place soon. On the downhills though, he went off confidently, and I had a real feeling of pride watching him propel himself along without any help! Needless to say, it'll be a while yet before
he's accompanying me on long runs on his bike...


  1. Some of my best runs have been rainy runs. I don't like going out when it's raining but if it happens to rain while I'm out - that's just fine.
    Cute picture! I'm sure Robbie will have that bike mastered in no time.

  2. I love running in the rain! As long as it's not a downpour! Thanks for stopping by my blog!