Thursday 26 August 2010


Had a great session last night with my Jog Scotland group. We jogged to the start of the Forth Road Bridge, regrouped, then did intervals across the bridge. We had to run 1 minute hard, 1 minute recovery; 1.15 hard, 1 minute recovery etc, so we did 7 repetitions with the last being 2.30 hard, all with 1 min recovery.When we reached the far side of the bridge, we turned and ran back over, then recovery run back to our start point.

It was a tough session, but I felt that I was running well and my mile splits were pretty fast for me. Mile 3 was the fastest at 8m15s, and I also ran 8m25s, and 8m32s. Overall I did 6.4 miles in 57m26s (including the jog at the start and recovery run at the end), so I was pleased with that.

I love running over the bridge - the views are great. I used to run over it all the time last year, when I was training for my first half marathon, and I thought it was flat. Even though every run demonstrated beyond all doubt that it is not flat - it rises to a peak in the middle - somehow my brain refused to believe that, and convinced my legs that there was no uphill. The power of the mind is amazing.

Unfortunately at some point my brain gave up and conceded that the bridge isn't flat after all, and my legs agree.

definitely not flat

I've been rethinking what my goals are recently, and I'm still hoping to get a half marathon PB soon. I wondered about running the Glasgow half for a long time, but eventually I decided my training just hasn't been good enough recently. It's in 10 days' time on 5th Sept, and a bit too soon.

I'm still doing the Great North Run, which is 3 1/2 weeks away, but my long runs haven't been what I would like, and I've only got as far as 12 miles, when I'd like to have gone further than 13. I'm definitely hoping for a PB - I know I can run under 2h05m, but I don't think I'm prepared enough to break 2 hours yet. I'm also concerned about the crowds at this race - the biggest half in the world with 54,000 runners - they might slow me down!

So I've found another half marathon in the South of Scotland at the end of October. It's perhaps not ideal, as it's a hilly route, but it gives me a few more weeks training. Part of my training will be the kilomathon at the start of October - 26.2 kilometres (16 miles).

For now, then, my goals are;
1. PB in a half marathon
2. Run under 2 hours in a half marathon
3. Enjoy the Great North Run as an experience
4. Run at a good pace in the kilomathon

Watch this space!

See - looks flat doesn't it?


  1. That running group sounds great - and no, I don't think the bridge looks flat! Great goals, too - good luck!

  2. Great Goals Liz.
    I share goals 2 & 4 with you - though I don't think I'll achieve sub 2 in will need to sign up for another one.
    I'm also 99% certain I'm entering the Edin Marathon 2011
    The Kilomathon is the same day as the Scottish Slimmer Slimmer of the year I could have a choice to make if I get through to the final

  3. At close glance, the bridge does look flat. But, slowly, ever so slowly, it develops that parabolic arch that can send shivers up a runner's spine.
    The canned tomatoes are simply chopped tomatoes in a can. You can use regular tomatoes (cuts down on salt too); I try to sometimes but that creates the challenge of getting my boys to eat dinner.

  4. It's really good to have goals. It helps you achieve focus in your training and gives you a reason to get out of bed when the weather's unpleasant. Good luck with yours.