Sunday, 1 August 2010

We're Off Again

Tomorrow we'll be piling into the car with bags of stuff and driving a few hundred miles to Shropshire. We're staying in a big house with most of Pete's family for a week. We went to the same town last year, and there are some really nice walks and a lot of natural beauty around there. I did a bit of running last year, and I'm hoping to do a bit more this time.

I usually run with my Jog Scotland group on Wednesday, but today I joined them for an 8am Sunday run. Most Sundays I just don't make it out of bed in time - not because of my crazy fun-packed Saturday night partying, but because I'm getting old and tired and I need more sleep. We ran over the Forth Road Bridge, which I haven't done for a while. It used to be one of my favourite routes because, although it's quite a steep up-and-down, my mind always thought it was flat, and was able to convince my legs of that. Weird, I know.

These days I know exactly how hilly it is. It was a nice sociable run though, as I chatted to a couple of different people. I did the first 3 miles quite fast, as I was keeping up with some faster women. Then most of the group continued for a longer run, while I and another runner turned back. I slowed down a bit to her pace, but it wasn't much slower than I would've gone on my own. We did another 3 miles, and then she got to her car, so I added on another 3 miles home. I sped up a little bit again for the last part.

Overall it was 9.4 miles at an average of 9.14 m/m pace. Not at all bad, and on track for a close-to-2-hour half marathon, which is my next race goal. Then we went off to the pool with the kids for a swim, and I realised how knackered my legs felt.

I'll be aiming to stick as closely as I can to my usual schedule of running next week. That's what I said before we went camping though, and it was a major fail, so let's hope I can do better this time...

In Shropshire last year


  1. Have fun and hopefull we'll be able to catch up when you get back!

  2. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:

  3. Have a lovely holiday. How nice is it that your kids get to spend lots of time with all their rellies?!!

  4. Good luck with your good running intentions and have a great time!

  5. Do you have your next half picked out yet? I think you have 2 hrs in the bag.

  6. Thanks Scott! Have one coming up in September.

  7. You're back! Hope you had a wonderful refreshing holiday with plenty of good running/training. If you're training at 9.14 pace you should just about break the two hour mark for the ½ marathon when the adrenalin kicks in. try the 1-1-1 plan!