Monday 14 March 2011

Weekly round up

Well after my last post, the weather continued being crazy. We were forecast heavy snow on Saturday, but luckily it wasn't as bad as predicted. We had a sprinkling, then it turned to sleet and rain. The layer of snow on the roads was enough to put me off of cycling in the morning though.

Poor snowdrops in the rain

Then on Sunday I started getting a cold, and although I did go for a bike ride in the rain, it was shorter than I would have liked ideally.

Anyway, it was a pretty unspectacular week. I cycled twice, ran twice, went to the gym once and did a pilates class. None of these were long sessions though. here are the stats:

Cycled - 12.5miles
Ran - 4.2 miles
Gym: Cross Trainer 40 mins (5+ miles); Bike 20 mins

So there.

The running is going ok. On Friday I got up to 2.2 miles, which is the furthest I've run since October! I am getting some soreness in my ankle though, so I'm taking it really easy for now. At the same time, I'm getting a lot less pain in my heel, so that's encouraging, if the ankle-ache isn't.

Although I didn't do any specific exercise on Saturday, it was a day full of activity. We went swimming with the kids in the morning, and with the snow falling outside, the water was actually warmer than usual - I think they might have set it to 'cool', which bumped it up a few degrees from 'f***ing freezing'.

Then in the afternoon, it was our second experience of orienteering. Despite rain, we clad ourselves in old trousers and welly boots, and threw ourselves into the mud. The ground was soaked after the morning snow followed by rain, and almost all of the route was in fields of mud, rather than paths.


Still, although I spent half the time shouting at the kids to 'mind the puddle', 'watch where you're going', 'NOT IN THE MUD!!', etc, we had a good time.

Race to the finish


  1. You too live in a plae currently bathed in mud! Be careful not to slip if you venture out for a run! C x

  2. Look at your darling children! So sweet!

  3. If your kids are anything like mine, it'd be the puddles that they'd gravitate to just to splash about. I love the 'rugged-up, stomping through the wet countryside and having a wonderful time' picture.

  4. That orienteering sounds like such good fun! keeping my fingers crossed that you get some better weather soon...