Wednesday 30 March 2011

Just the stats, man

I love a few stats. As soon as I get back from a run or a cycle, I can't wait to plug in the Garmin and check exactly how far I've gone, my time, my speed etc, and to compare it to the previous few runs or cycles. Did I cycle 0.1mph slower than last time? For heaven's sake why? Was that my fastest run so far this month? Will I be able to beat it next time?

No matter how much I try to convince myself that these details are pretty irrelevant, and the important thing is that I'm keeping fit and enjoying it, I can't help but place too much significance on these stats. I am the sort of idiot who will run a little way past my house to round up 2.95 miles to 3 miles. Since I was given my Garmin, 16 months ago, I have rarely run or cycled without it. Why would I? I always want to know the stats.

Looking back at the stats on my Garmin for the month of March, I feel pretty happy. I had a crappy January, as the foot was stopping me running and flu stopped me doing anything else. February was a lot better, as I did a fair bit of cycling and started going to the gym, although I still wasn't running. This month I've started running again, kept up the cycling, started Pilates, and made a few trips to the gym.

If you don't love stats, look away now:

2 bike rides = 17 miles

9 bike rides = 65 miles
8 gym visits

9 bike rides = 68 miles
9 runs = 22 miles
3 gym visits
3 Pilates classes

Oooh, I could pore over those numbers all night... So ideally of course I'd like to build on that next month, and obviously I'll be aiming to run more often (I'm still tentatively at twice a week), and further (just a little each time), while keeping up the cross training (a silver lining around the big black cloud of Plantar Fasciitis). Unfortunately this may be unlikely, as April is a month jam packed with school holidays, not leaving me much time to exercise.

This weekend though, we are off for a family celebration! It's my parents' Ruby Wedding Anniversary, and 18 of us are spending a few days at Centre Parcs in the west of England. I've never been to Centre Parcs before, but there are loads of activities to do, including fitness classes and a gym. Hopefully, I'll be busy eating, drinking and having fun, with maybe just a little working out on the side. I will of course, be packing my Garmin.

March on my Garmin


  1. Please don't say it is being an idiot to run a little more to complete the tenth. I ALWAYS do that! And I do love all the numbers in running. Hope you had a good time at your celebration.

  2. I love all the data too. I'm particularly obsessed with heart rate vs pace vs temp/humidity and I love comparing back to ole runs to see where I'm at right now. Everything you wrote today made perfect sense to me.

    And congrats to your parents!

  3. My two favorite things about my Garmin are the little maps you can look at on the computer of where you ran and how it tells you how many calories you burned!
    Have fun at Centre Parcs - we used to go to Landal parks (something similar) for holidays when our kids were little, it was great fun, lots to do.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I also love the stats, but mostly just time/pace. I think Garmin would be the end of me.

  5. Nice work ramping back up into action. I'm a total numbers/spreadsheet geek which is partially why I haven't gotten a garmin. I'm afraid I'll spend too much time on the computer! HA! Keep posting the stats, I love them!