Wednesday 9 March 2011

What's the Weather like on Wednesday?

Welcome to an occasional series in which we discuss the weather on a Wednesday.

It was with shock and horror that I looked out at the garden this morning and saw this:

Yes, that is actual proper snow.

About 2 hours after I took that picture, though, it looked like this:

Glorious sunshine. We have also had strong winds all day, and later this afternoon, there was rain. Talk about 4 seasons in one day. Spring, I thought you wanted to stay. Will you please make up your mind whether you're coming or going.?


  1. Funny getting so much in one day.

  2. CRAZY spring weather! I hope the sun holds out.

  3. Oh no! The weather is truly mad this year. But... you made me think of that beautiful song by Crowded House :-) Going straight to Youtube to listen to it again, it's been ages...

  4. Spring is ALWAYS fickle here in Colorado - altitude too high I guess. At least you have green grass, we won't for a couple more months!