Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

1. First and foremost, I am back to running regularly and consistently. A few weeks ago I was beginning to wonder if I might ever run again without pain. Since the start of March, I have now run 14 times (mainly) pain-free. When I was injured, that was all I wanted - to be able to run short distances a few times a week. Now of course, I want more, so I need to remember how lucky I am.

2. I am keeping up the cycling. As I've only been running twice a week since I started back, I've continued cycling on the non-running days. This means I am doing more exercise overall than before I got injured (although cycling is obviously a lot less intensive than running).

3. I've lost 2lbs! Over the Christmas holiday, I diligently stuffed my face at every opportunity, and hardly moved for two weeks. Somehow, I managed to gain about 8 lbs - must be my pesky slow metabolism again... Anyway, by the end of January I had lost about 4 lbs, but I just couldn't shake off the rest. I got so annoyed with it, I gave up standing on the scales. But last wekend I gave in to curiosity, and finally, another 2 lbs gone. 2 more to go...

The Bad

1. While I am ecstatic to be back running again, my last few runs have been total pants! The last 4 in a row, I have felt tired and run really slowly. This morning I started off feeling fine, but my speed was really slow, and then at the end I got a stitch and had to walk. I know everyone has bad runs, but 4 in a row? Only 3 miles each time? I really need a good one soon.

2. I cycled 15 miles yesterday, and felt like I'd run 15 miles. My legs were tired, and I had a hard time getting up hills into the wind. I was passed by several cyclists (but to be honest, this happens all the time).

3. I set off yesterday with a plan; cycle into town, visit a cafe, have a coffee and some cake, read my book, then cycle back. I got to town, locked up my bike, and realised I had left my wallet at home. Doh! I had no money at all, and no choice but to turn back home with an empty stomach. What an idiot.

The Ugly

5 days in; 12 more days of Easter holiday to go!!!


  1. There is no way ever that those two little faces could be called ugly.

    I'm so sorry that you left your wallet at home after all your well-made plans. I would have been devastated to miss my treat.

  2. Oh too bad about the wallet. Major disappointment. You will get your speed back. At least I hope you will because then maybe I will. It has taken me forever and don't feel I am quite there yet. Be patient.

  3. They are so cute!
    Your posts always motivate me to push myself when walking and now running.

  4. Oh darn - I do stuff like that too and it makes me just want to kick myself!

    Hopefully the running will improve soon - I can understand your frustration, you've been so careful...but sweet that you chipped another 2 lbs off!

    And hang in there - I know what it's like with those long school holidays and kids at home that are used to activities and structure and have lots of energy to burn!! ;-)