Thursday, 5 April 2012

March Rundown and a Race Goal

What a great month! I managed to stay consistent as I kept running 4 times a week (apart from the week after the Half), and I just pipped my mileage for January! I also got a shiny new PB in my biggest race of the year so far, and hugely exceeded my expectations about how fast I could run!

Ran 18x = 83.4m
Cycled 4x = 39.98m (call it 40m?)
2 Races
1 PB

The Eastbourne Half marathon was one of the best race experiences I've ever had, as it just felt so good and fun to do. I had been focusing on getting a good time since the start of the year, so it was great to get under 2 hours at last. A couple of weeks later I did a Parkrun, and while I didn't beat my 5K PB, I did run pretty hard and get a good time.

I'm probably the fittest I've ever been, judging by my times
, and I'm eyeing my next race and hopefully PB. Next Monday I've entered a local 10K fun run. I don't know anything about the course so it might be a bit risky, but I am so ready to run a fast 10K!

The week after the half I ran the distance in a training run and beat my PB without trying. Then last Monday I ran 6 miles
at 8.34 min/mile pace and it felt comfortable. This would get me a 10k time of just over 53 mins, while my PB stands at 54m 39s.

So assuming the course isn't horrendous, and barring illness, injury, blizzards etc, I'll be hoping to get a 53.?? time, or maybe even 52.??.

Meanwhile the weather has been great and I've been enjoying the first days of the Easter holiday being out with the kids. It's great being so close to the beach when the sun is shining. We'll be visiting my sister at the weekend which should be fun, and I'll just have to try to hold off on the Easter chocolate until after the race!


  1. Jealous of your time on the beach!

  2. You can DO it!! Excited for your 10k...stay strong and I know it's in you!

    The beach picture is so pretty. I love the ocean!

  3. Woohoo! Right on with hitting some high notes this year. That pic of the beach is so nice, definitely makes me want to travel. We don't have holiday time for Easter here but we're scheming for our next holiday (Memorial Day in late May). Good luck with your 10k!

  4. Thank goodness you're not in Scotland this year - would have been a cold and snowy holiday week! Good luck on the PR - going by how fast you've been running, you should be able to nail it!

  5. Appreciate this bblog post