Tuesday 25 September 2012

Helloooo Autumn!

Summer is over! I didn't want to admit it, but the sunshine and warmth seems to have gone for good this week. Parts of the UK have experienced terrible flooding today, with hundreds of people having to evacuate their homes and others being stranded by flooding on trainlines and roads.

Luckily for me the South East has got off fairly lightly, and the only worry I've had to face was how to get my run in.

Only last Saturday we had a lovely sunny afternoon. Pete took the kids to a birthday party, and they spent the afternoon in the garden, where I was concerned about sunburn, rather than getting wet. I had to go to work and examine some foreign students, but at least I got to cycle to the College and back, so with a bit added on, I had a nice 10-mile bike ride (mostly) in the sun.

By Sunday though, it was all change. Robbie went off to his Rugby practice at 10am, and came home when it was ended early, as all the boys were freezing in the cold rain. He stood in the kitchen shivering and soaking, until a hot bath and mug of warm milk sorted him out. We spent the afternoon at the swimming pool - an activity mercifully unaffected by the weather.

On Monday and today I had planned a 6m and 4m run. Again, I was lucky, as on both days the driving rain in the morning was replaced by dry weather (leaving just gale force winds)  in the afternoon. On both days I managed to run without getting wet, but because of school pick up time, I cut both runs short, to 5.4m, and 3.4 miles. Never mind though becuase this is a busy week - it's Robbie's birthday on Thursday, my parents are staying for a few days, and I've got a race coming up at the weekend!

Hard to believe that it was only less than a week ago that Emma and I were at the beach, commemorating her last day at home before starting full-time school!

On 19th September it was still sunny and warm!


  1. Autumn has arrived in full force here in Colorado, too. Much cooler temps (and much better running :)) ... but the biggest change is the aspen leaves in the mountains - amazing golden colors!! Love it! Too bad it's so short-lived and soon snow will be here. Bleh.

    Love the beach and ocean pics. One thing we DON'T have in Colorado :(.

  2. Autumn is here too but only in a good way. It is my favorite season. Cooler days and nights but beautiful and not too cold. I don't like cold rain though.

  3. Football matches in the pouring rain are never fun - for the spectators or for the players.

    We've just had our turn of seasons and already some days have been really hot. Spring is never long enough here. We seem to jump straight from Winter to Summer.

  4. I heard about that flooding - it sounds bad... It's gotten a lot chillier here too - fall has arrived. As long as we get some sunny days though, I don't mind too much.
    Happy birthday to Robbie!

  5. We will soon be joining you in endless rain but so far we've been spared.

    Good luck on your race this weekend & happy birthday to Robbie!