Saturday 29 September 2012

Race Goals - The Big 10K

Tomorrow I'm going to run a 10K race. Here are some of my thoughts before I do...

Why am I doing this race?
 * Because I did it last year and enjoyed it. It was the first race since we moved from Scotland to the South of England, and I was still on the comeback trail from Plantar Fasciitis. Incredibly, this will be the first annual race I've ever run twice!

* Because 10K is a fairly undemanding distance, and in a month's time I'm doing a 10-miler so it fits into my training.

* Because last year, Robbie and Emma took part in the children's races and had a great time. It was their first experience of running in a race, and they both did well and had fun.

*Because I haven't raced since the start of June, as I wanted to spend more time with the family during summer weekends.

What are my goals?
* Enjoy it as much as last year.

*Enjoy the experience of running a race for the second time.

*I hope the kids enjoy their race.

*Although I'm not expecting a PB, I wouldn't want to finish much slower than 53 minutes. My last 10K in May was a completely flat course, and I had trained for it. Hence my unexpectedly good PB of 51m17s. But this race has a hill, and looks like it'll be windy, so I'm not expecting too much.

*I hope the t-shirt looks good and fits well.

In other news, Robbie has turned 7 YEARS OLD!!


  1. Good luck with the race.

    And Happy Birthday Robbie. (He shares the same birthday as one of my nieces)

  2. Cute picture of Robbie! Have fun in the race. You have some great goals. Can't wait to hear how it went.

  3. Happy Birthday to Robbie!!! And hope you all have a wonderful time at your race... I had a few races I did more than one time and it is kind of fun to do a course that's familiar. Hope the weather is lovely for you!