Thursday, 11 October 2012

Soggy Cycling

With both children at school, I've finally got the chance to get back on the bike for some decent longer rides. The trouble is, we've had so much rain in the last few weeks, it's been hard to go out for a cycle without getting soaked.

Last Wednesday I ventured up our local footpath / cyclepath / bridle way and went further along than I'd been before. I rode for about 6 miles, before realising that I was running out of time before school pick-up, and turning round to cycle back. I was lucky that it wasn't raining for most of it, although it started spitting and then pouring as I got back. The path was really wet though, and very muddy in places. I got splattered with mud all over - even on my face, and the bike was filthy when I got home.

Muddy water bottle

 Then on Saturday I had to work. It was training as part of my examining job. The weather forecast was quite good, and I decided to cycle there. The quickest route there is just over 3 miles, but I have to go up a really steep hill, so I decided to take a longer, but flatter and more scenic route. It was further than I thought at nearly 5 miles! Anyway, after Wednesday's ride, I knew the roads and paths would be wet, so I wore my running gear and took a change of clothes.

Muddy bum-bag
When I arrived, I went into the toilet to get changed, and realised that I had got soaking wet. I changed into my smart, dry clothes, but there was a problem - my knickers were wet too! My backside had been splashed by a lot of puddles, and it had rained a bit too. I hadn't brought a change of underwear, so there was no choice but to put my trousers on, and sit down on my soggy bum. We spent most of the day sitting on plastic chairs, and my pants never dried out. Lesson learned - bring a change of undies next time!

Muddy legs
I had another nice bike ride yesterday, and it was a glorious day. The sun was out, and the cycle path was busy - I came across a big group of walkers, 3 horses (with riders), and several dog-walkers and family groups. I cycled to the next town, where I got a bit lost, but found my way to the town centre and a coffee shop. I stopped for a big latte and a pastry before  a leisurely ride home. Very indulgent.

It's been great to have the time for some bike riding, but I really hope the weather dries up soon...


  1. Or you could have gone commando - assuming your trousers weren't see through.

    We've had almost no rain for the last couple of months. I've also had no cleaning lady for the last couple of months and finally on the day she comes back, it rains. Hello nice clean floors that last for about 10 seconds before Toby puts his own muddy stamp on them.

  2. Re: wow, not allowed with music?? Honestly, i don't think i could finish 13 miles without anything! You have toootally inspired me to try doing long runs without bringing headphones with me though!

    That's one heck of an adventure cycling! Hopefully the next time out is dryer!

  3. I almost never don't ride when I plan to but it was pouring and cold yesterday and I did not go. It's amazing how wet you get from a ride. Lesson learned so next time you won't have to be wet all day. Have fun on a sunny day.

  4. It's been rainy here too, and my kids bike to school so then end up soaked! I finally got them waterproof rain pants to wear - of course, now it will probably be dry for a while!

  5. I don't bike so can't relate 100%. I do run in the rain often and also on trails sometimes. I love it! It looks like I might have a wet mountain race tomorrow. Have a super weekend!

  6. I always equate your neck of the woods with constant rain...I'm sure that's a poor U.S. perception. Anyway, look at the mud as a badge of honor :).

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