Monday, 3 October 2011


There's a title I never thought I'd use for a post. The weather in the UK last week was record-breakingly hot. It was glorious sunshine all week, culminating in temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius at the weekend. Fantastic, I love it, as long as I don't have to work in it.

After last weekend's 10k race, I had a few days off. I was achey on Monday, then it was Robbie's birthday on Tuesday so we were celebrating him turning 6. 6!!! Unbelievable. I finally ran on Thursday, with the local running group again. This was my 3rd time there, and we ran figures of eight, with one loop run hard, followed by a loop of recovery. We did this 8 times, and I felt that I was running pretty well. No doubt a few days off did me good. On Friday I enjoyed a really good 10m cycle in the sun, and on Saturday morning, I did an exploring run, where I ended up running over the bumps of a BMX track. This was not intentional, not much fun, and I won't be venturing down that path again.

As for the month of September, it turned out to be the month of getting back into a routine. After the chaos of August, (i.e.moving house), I stepped up the running, did only my second race of 2011, and bought a new bike!

In total I ran 12 times, equalling 49.4miles; and cycled 5 times which made 40.7 miles. Great!

Injuries and illness permitting - I seem to get constant niggles in my feet and I've got a cough and sore throat today - I would like to keep up the number of times I'm running and cycling each week, and increase the running distance to include a long run each week. I haven't run much over 6 miles since September LAST YEAR when the plantar fasciitis first hit, so I'd love to be able to run 10, then 13 or so miles without injury. I'll be taking it steady though - any heel pain and I'll attend to it straight away!

Robbie and his cake


  1. Haha...I had to get my little C to F degree chart out to figure out how hot it IS there...and yep, it's hot! Ha. I am certain I'd melt running in that, I don't do hot well!

    Happy birthday to your 6 year old!! What a cutie! :)

    Sept looked great, a great start to easing back into it. Hope the heel issues stay away and you continue on strong!

  2. I love how you Brits call 29 a heat wave. For us that's quite a mild Summer's day. But I guess, considering that it's now Autumn, that 29 is quite high.

  3. Good luck with the pain free running! It's been cold here recently but that beats too hot.

  4. Happy b-day to your new 6 year old. I know what you mean...6! already!

  5. You have had quite a busy year, indeed. Nice job getting out there despite the craziness and the freakishly HOT weather (wink). Actually, we had similar temps a couple weeks ago, which was quite a surprise for Sept. A welcome last shout from summer before she left us. Now it's the rainy season for the next 7 months...

  6. After all the chaos you sound to have settled nicely into your new abode, found yourself a good running group and got back into some decent training. You ran 34 miles more than me in September so I've some catching up to do.
    Could just eat a slice of that cake!