Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Back on track

The fulfilment of my exercise goals didn't get off to a great start on Monday morning when I planned to cycle Emma down to playgroup before embarking on a longer bike ride. As I strapped her into her seat on the back, the whole strap fell away from the seat. I had to take our helmets off and shove her in the back of the car instead. However, after driving home, I still had time for a good cycle.

I wanted to do about an hour's cycling, and that's what I did. I went through one of my favourite routes through the local country estate, which finishes with a long winding uphill path. It was fine, but as I got to the final and steepest part of the hill, I emerged from behind a barrier of trees to be attacked by the wind. It really slowed me down, and eventually I had to get off the bike and walk! I've cycled that route many times, and have never had to walk it before! I was horrified!

I don't know whether it was the wind, the recovering from flu, or just the amount of fitness I've lost over the last few weeks off, but I was not amused. In fact I swore at the wind, quite loudly, and about 10 seconds later, someone cycled past me from behind. I had been sure I was alone and unobserved - damn. Anyway, I did 8.5 miles in all.

Then today was my first visit to a local gym It was 'induction', which basically meant I spent half the time filling in a form and not much time actually exercising. Hopefully it will be useful in future though. The trainer I spoke to seemed to know a bit about plantar fasciitis, which was helpful. I did 10 mins on the bike, 10 mins on the cross trainer, 5 mins on the rower and 5 mins on the treadmill - just walking of course.

I've got my next session on Friday, which is going to focus on stretching and strength training. I'll need to check with Ms Physio which exercises she'll ban first though. I'm not supposed to twist in certain positions, and I have a feeling she won't approve of the rowing machine I used today.

At the end of the session today, the trainer showed me how to use the foam rollers. I've read a lot about using them for injury, especially ITB problems, but I'd never used them before. The trainer said it might be painful, but I lay down confidently on one thinking 'I'm use to sport massages, it can't be worse than that'. Then it got to my quads. Agony. I usually get sore quads after cycling, and this found all the sore spots. I had to stop pretty quickly.

I'm not sure if I'll go for those again, but I'm getting back in the fitness groove!


  1. My foam roller is killiing me right now! They really can do the trick though. Good luck with it all.

  2. I want to hear all about this foam roller on Friday.

  3. Oh, I wish my gym had foam rollers to try - from what I hear from everyone, I am scared to buy one!

  4. The foam rollers are totally worth it! I think the more it hurts, the more you actually need it to break down the adhesions in your muscles. If you can do a little bit then gradually build up to longer rolls, it will loosen up your muscles and the pain will diminish. The more frequently you use it, the less it will hurt. I hope you have fun at the gym trying new things!