Tuesday 3 September 2013

August Rundown

Despite it being the summer holidays and having most of my time taken up with entertaining the kids, I did actually manage to get a fair amount of running done in August. There was one week when I only ran 12 miles, but that was when we went camping, and spending each night lying awake in a tent with the kids left me too tired to run. Apart from that though, I did ok:

Ran - 18x = 76.3 miles
Cycled - 2x = 20.6 miles 

Parkruns - 4
PBs - 1 (For Robbie!)

So I was pleased to keep the running ticking over last month. The 2 bike rides were both commutes to work as I went in for 2 Saturdays, and that's the only way I could get out on my bike recently.

Robbie and I ran 4 more parkruns which means he has now done 7 in total! He's still enjoying it, and on 10 th August, he ran a PB of 33m52s! I tried to push him a bit as we ran, and I think it was the promise of 2 pieces of cake if he beat his previous times, that really spurred him on. He's really not a competitive person at all, so I was surprised the following week when he asked if I could push him on again. The next 2 weeks he ran under 35 minutes, which was better than all his previous times of over 36 minutes. 

Unfortunately I had to work last Saturday so we missed parkrun, but we're hoping to do the next 3 weeks, so he'll reach the milestone of 10 runs.

Now it's almost back to school time, and I'm kind of looking forward to getting back into a routine, and building up the miles. I've got a few races I'd like to do, so it'd be good to get stuck in again!

With Granny and Grandad


  1. That is a nice weekly mileage! So great that you are building up the numbers...
    Wow For Robbie! Way to go!!

  2. You've done really well to keep the training up while it's been holidays. I always used to struggle then - got no excuse now. And Robbie is doing so well at Parkrun. He'll be in the 20s before too long.

  3. What fun that your son wants to do the Park Runs. 10 is a ton!

  4. You had a great August and I think time with the kids is an added bonus. We sometimes battle to get time to do things together as a family.

  5. Sounds like you've had a great summer, and Robbie is really following in your footsteps!