Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well, I had an appointment with Ms Physio on Wednesday morning and I had to greet her once again with the familiar cry of 'Hello, I've got a new one for you!' I keep thinking that one day I'll be injury free and won't need to make a next appointment, but before one injury goes away, another always appears.

Anyway, we put sciatica and knee problems on hold while she had a look at my foot. She gave it the usual mauling and some sort of sonic massage or something, which made my foot go numb and tingly. It was like painful pins and needles, and I actually said out loud 'You've paralysed my foot!', which made her laugh for ages! It was not at all pleasant. Finally she taped it up, and told me not to do any running and as little walking as possible, and to buy some new trainers. At least I wasn't gutted about that last one.

The tape is really tight, to support the heel and arch, but she said it'll probably peel off after 48 hours.

So no more training, and I'm just hoping that it'll be improved enough to attempt the Great North Run in less than 2 weeks. I just want to be a part of the occasion now, rather than go for a fast time. Fingers crossed...

Meanwhile, if you fancy a laugh, have a look at these two jokers. My husband and a friend have decided to start a blog about their weight-loss challenge. Now, personally, the motivation for me to lose weight and keep it off is all there in how I look, how I feel, being able to wear size 10 clothes etc. But this pair (being male), have had to make a competition out of it, to inject some more effective motivation.

This means that while I'm trapped in the living room feeling grumpy that I can't run; Pete is popping out for a jog round the block at every opportunity. When he puts his mind to something, he's very strong-willed and determined, and I am proud and impressed by his commitment. But at the same time, I'm FED UP that I can't run. Grrrrrrr....

(But I am excited about the upcoming trip to the running shop for new trainers - YAAAYY!)


  1. Sorry to hear that you're off the road. I personally think your husband should stop running just until you've healed or at least only go running when you don't know about it - like 1am in the morning while you're asleep. Now that would be real support.

  2. Going for a run at any opportunity? That's certainly NOT what he's been telling me.

    More details please.