Thursday, 30 September 2010

New routine

As September draws to a close Robbie's doing full days at school, Emma's started playgroup (or as she says 'paygooop'), and I'm firmly back at work 2 days a week. In the chaos of family life, we are settling in to some sort of routine.

When Emma started at playgroup about 4 weeks ago, I cycled there with her on the back of my bike (about 1.6 miles), then went straight for a bike ride in the sun. It's downhill most of the way there, which is great because she's quite a heavy weight on the back, and I obviously remove that weight before I come back uphill. Initially I thought these 2 mornings a week would provide an opportunity for an occasional cycle to complement the running.

However, with my foot injury, the cycling has become my main form of exercise. In fact it's my only form of exercise, apart from the odd bit of free weights in front of the telly to keep my arms toned. So every Wednesday and Friday morning, Emma and I strap our helmets on, zoom down to playgroup where I drop her off, and then I go for about 7 - 10 miles cycling.

My little passenger

I do enjoy cycling, but it's not the same as running, and it takes a longer period of time to get the same fitness benefit (time which isn't easy to find).

I went to see Ms Physio yesterday, and it seems as though improvement has occured! I'm not limping as much as I was, and she said that the original plantar fasciitis has more or less gone, and the pain I'm getting now has been caused by limping - mainly hobbling round 13 miles of the Great North Run, but also walking around every day. I've put strain on the tendons in my calf, and that's where most of the pain is now.

I've found that wearing a small heel on my shoes helps, as there is no pain there and I don't limp at all. Ms Physio has given me a little insert for the heel of my trainers, so I'm walking around with no pain most of the time! I'm still a long way off running yet, but I'm glad there's a bit of progress at last.

Meanwhile, I'm embracing my new sport wholeheartedly with a few purchases...

I miss shopping for running stuff, but this'll do!


  1. sounds like you are on the mend - hope it continues.

    I'll wear my fudgey top on Sunday - so if you are out supporting watch for me!

  2. " but it's not the same as running, and it takes a longer period of time to get the same fitness benefit "

    You're not peddling hard enough!

  3. I'm trying to see what is in the picture. Is it gloves? I don't have those yet or a lock! I also had to buy a helmet. Now I bought a new bag to carry things in. Good to hear you're healing.

  4. Emma looks so cute on the back of the bike, helmet on. I bet she'd loving those commutes to "paygooop"

  5. Always good to have a new reason to do some retail therapy! Enjoy the cycling while the good weather holds out!