Monday, 20 June 2011

Last week round up

Thanks to all who left lovely comments after last Sunday's post about the trail race. Pete had told me that when he saw me run past at about 2 miles in, he counted 20 runners behind me. When I checked the organisers' website for the results, I was 134th out of 154, so he was spot on!

Well I've had another busy week. I had to be a bit creative to fit my workouts in last week. On Monday I had time in the morning for my usual bike ride, and did about 8 miles in the wind. Then I had pilates class that evening. I'm really enjoying that, although I'm still new to it, and often find myself stuck in some position I can't get out of, or unable to move my limbs in the right way. I'm sure it's helping my running posture a bit at least.

Then I was working on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This was a one-off week of invigilating exams, but it meant that I missed my usual free Weds morning. I had planned to run on Tues before work, but I had a bit of foot pain after Sunday's race, so I decided it was better to give it a miss. Anyway, Pete was also away on business from Weds to Fri, so I couldn't run in the evenings or mornings. I managed my next run on Friday morning when Emma was at playgroup, then came a busy weekend!

After getting home late on Friday night after a delayed plane ride, Pete got up early on Saturday morning to take the kids to Manchester to see their cousins. They were all out of the house by 7.15am. Sounds good, right? A free weekend with the place to myself? Well, yes, but I had work to do. As we are planning to put our house on the market and move soon, I needed to paint the kids' bedroom. It had multi-coloured walls before, but I spent most of the weekend subduing it to a nice bland magnolia. I also packed up a load of toys while there was no-one here to complain.

I did manage to fit in a short run on Saturday afternoon, and a cycle on Sunday while the paint was drying, so the stats didn't end up too bad:

Cycled: 17.1 miles
Run: 6.1 miles
Pilates x 1 class

...but not great either.

We still have lots to do in the house, and over the next few weeks, I foresee that packing up our whole lives and moving could really get in the way of running, biking, pilates and the gym, but I'll be trying to fit in as much as I can to keep me sane.

More appealing to buyers than bright blue and lime green, apparently. Anyone looking for a small flat near Edinburgh?


  1. Well to me it sounds like you had a pretty busy week and you still managed to fit in some fantastic exercise too! Two thumbs up for sure.

    Good luck with finding a buyer... hopefully your moving closer to some of your lovely Blog readers? :)

  2. Nice job getting the painting done - that's a big job! You're selling your place? It would be great to just trade homes for a year :)

  3. Good luck with the house selling. The thought of packing up and moving sends a shudder down my spine. I'm going to be staying in my house until they have to cart away my dry and dusty bones.

  4. Where are you moving to? Far? Good luck with it all.

  5. I've never been to England, but I promise if I had some spare moola, I'd be all over your flat! That's an area I'd so love to explore! Good luck with it all!!!