Monday 27 June 2011

Weekly round up

Well I just typed this all out once and accidentally deleted it, so I'm going to be brief now!

Ran - 12.1 miles
Cycled - 12 miles

I had a couple of good runs and a really enjoyable bike ride, despite being quite busy with getting the house on the market.

Views from bike over the airport to the mountains

On Friday my parents arrived, and on Saturday, Pete and I went to our neighbours' wedding. They got married North of here, so we stayed the night in a B&B, while Mum and Dad looked after the kids at home. The wedding was perfect for us coming to the end of our time in Scotland, as it was very traditional. It was held in a castle, most of the men wore kilts and traditional dress, there was a ceilidh band with a caller (who tells you the dance steps), and Pete and I joined in with a few Scottish dances. It was fantastic.

The only downside was we stayed about 1.5 miles from the castle, and there was only 1 taxi in the village! So we walked there and back. That would have been fine, but I was wearing shoes with a heel, which I am so not used to. What with the walk and the dancing, my feet are still in shock now.

The worst thing that happened last week was that my bike got stolen. It was such a shock, as we live in a very safe, quiet village, and we've never had any problems before. It was in the shed in the garden, but the lock has been broken for about 4 years, so it wasn't secure. It's so frustrating as it isn't worth much money to anyone, but it was important to me, as I used it so often.

I've reported it to the police, and I'm hoping it might turn up, but it's unlikely. So no more bike rides for a while, and I suppose I'll be doing more running to make up for that.

Dressed for a hike


  1. You look very nice.
    Man that is so awful about your bike being stolen. There are so many bad aspects. You don't have the bike. You have lost some trust. Someone was on your property. Sorry about all that.

  2. oh no! that really stinks about your bike! i'm sorry :(I do hope it turns up.

  3. It's so sad that your bike got knicked. Especially since it wasn't even out in the open. It makes you a little more wary and suspicious and that's such a pity. I hope it's found (or returned)

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your bike! That is such a shame. I keep telling my kids to keep our garage, where we keep all the bikes, locked but they are just too lazy to do it - I need to get on them about that.
    Congratulations with the upcoming move - I hope all goes well and that you are able to sell the flat easily.
    My husband almost had us moving to Washington DC last year, and in the end, I was glad it didn't pan out, as the boys didn't want to leave their friends and the high school. The older the kids get the harder to move, I think.

  5. Oh no...walking that far in heels with PF is a big no-no. Glad all was ok though. And total bummer on the bike, I just don't get how people lay their heads down at night when they know they've taken from someone. So shameful!

    Fingers crossed for a quick house sale!! :)

  6. Sounds like a really fun wedding. Bummer about the bike. That is such a hassle. Hope you get some good runs in.