Monday, 6 June 2011

Weekly / Monthly round up

Finding the time to squeeze this post in has been proving difficult over the last couple of days. We are hoping to move house in the near future, which has meant that hundreds of little jobs have suddenly arisen all round the house. I've been so busy this afternoon, that I can either settle for a brief blog post, or it'll be no dinner before Pilates, and as you can probably guess, dinner always wins.

I know that May is a long month, but even taking that into consideration, I have ramped up some good hours of exercise, making this my best month this year. Stats:

11 runs = 38.4 miles
9 bike rides = 74.4 miles
3 Pilates Classes
3 Gym visits

I'm really pleased with these totals, as we had almost a week of school holiday in there too.

As for last week, I only managed 1 bike ride, but ran 3 times, as well as a short run on the treadmill in the gym. And finally, I ran over 6 miles at last! This was my third attempt to complete a 6 mile run, one having been thwarted by a sudden downpour, and the other by steep hills, strong wind and weak legs. I ran on friday morning, which was the hottest day we've had in a long while (over 22 degrees C!!), and beautifully sunny. I can't pretend I felt fantastic, as I remember struggling at times, but I finished feeling great, and so happy to see that number 6 on my Garmin!

It ended up as 6.2 miles in 56m33s, with an average pace of 9m02/miles. What a relief to know that I can still run that distance after all!

Hot and very sweaty after the run


  1. Well done Liz. May was an excellent month for you.

  2. Yeah! You look very satisfied! Love that you ran 6 miles.

  3. Right on! Glad you hit 6. That's a great threshold!

  4. yay for the 6+ miles!!! You had an awesome month!

  5. Yay for 6 miles, well, even better, a 10K, really! It's fun to hit new distances.

  6. Well done Liz. That's a very good time for running solo over six miles, and faster than me at the moment. I can see I'll have to up my game a bit to keep up with all you young whippersnappers!
    Where are you moving to?