Thursday, 9 June 2011

Race plans

I've only gone and entered a race! It's a local 10k, and it's actually a trail race, rather than road. This will be my first trail race, so I've got no idea what difference that will make to my ability or my time.

Anyway, while I'm still being careful about the amount of running I'm subjecting my complaining feet to, I've decided to just stick to 5ks and 10ks for the rest of this year (probably). Anything further might risk injury, and I don't want to go there again.

Sunday's race is going to be small. It's organised by a local club, and there is a very real chance that I could finish last. At the moment, according to the website there are only 66 runners signed up, although they will accept entries on the day. So as I've never run a trail race before, and I've only managed 1 run of this distance since coming back to running in February, my 'A' goal is simply not to be last! I suppose I'd also like to run around 56 minutes or so, but I don't know how hilly the course is, or much about the terrain, so I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm really looking forward to a friendly, small, local race, especially since I received a confirmation email from the organisers. I was delighted by the first paragraph:

Hi Liz - just a quick note to thank you for entering our wee race. Please collect your race number on the day from the folks manning the 'Pre-Entries' table in the games hall inside Deans Community High School. Changing and showers are in the school and there's a cafe and swimming pool if you fancy. Mind and leave room for the clootie dumpling at the finish...

How sweet is that? A clootie dumpling is some sort of Scottish cake, by the way. I can't wait. I would so much rather do this sort of race than a great big city event with thousands of runners. The only drawback is that there might not be any slower fun-runners for me to beat. I'll be posting about how it goes on Sunday, so check back here if you want to know what the clootie dumpling was like...


  1. I like both kinds of races. I want to do a race that has a clootie dumpling!

  2. What a lovely email. I think it's going to be a really fun race for you, friendly and well-organised.
    If you have a chance get a photo of the clootie dumpling. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's curious.

  3. Sounds like it will be a neat race! Small races have such a nice atmosphere, but the coming in last thing is a real risk, especially for slower runners like me! I actually experienced this on a race a few years ago where a guy was biking slowly behind me and telling the volunteers I was the last one and they could pack up! I was livid!
    And yes - what the heck is a clootie dumpling??

  4. This is great! I love the trails and will choose a trail race before a road race any day. Just go out, relax and have fun. Don't start to fast. Trail races are much more relaxed than road races. All the best for your race!

    To answer your question: I didn't run Comrades with red socks. My favorite socks don't come in red currently. My toe is still sore and numb at times but I am running every day. Luckily June was planned as a short runs month.

  5. Sounds like a smashing race with changing, showers, cafe, swimming pool - not to mention clootie dumpling to stuff some carbohydrate back into the system - all a bit unusual for a Trail race! Wish I was running it with you.
    Look forward to reading your report. Enjoy!

  6. I've done a hilly trail race and it slowed my time down a LOT! Be prepared to slow down and go on feel, enjoy it though I like trail races as much as road they're slower but usually prettier

  7. I'd sign up for any race that offers clootie dumpling. Have a great race!

  8. Trails make me slower. I'd just run it as fast as I could, come back next year and try to beat my previous time. Sounds fun!